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MLM Leads are the absolute, most important part of any MLM / Network Marketing Business.  Yes that’s a big statement but having been involved with MLM since 1992 I can assure you it’s true

Why are MLM Leads so Important?

Every business needs leads.  The car dealership, the local dentist, the McDonalds, the smash repairer, they all need leads.  Leads is just an industry term for prospects.  Without prospects coming to a business there are no sales and no sales means no income and no business.

MLM businesses are no different, in fact they desperately need leads more than most businesses.  That’s because MLM only grows by recruiting more people.  That’s the whole core of the business model.

Apache Leads was founded in 2003 by a guy who was already a successful Networker.  His name is Don Reid.  Back in 2003 he was the fastest ever person to reach the Diamond level in  Life Force.  They are based in California and sell lotions and potions.

He used leads to grow his business fast.  In fact from start to diamond level took only 3 months.  Then he realized that his downline also needed access to leads.  That’s when he got into the mlm leads business.

Since then Apache Leads has been a world leader with innovative systems, leads and other services designed to help Network Marketers grow their businesses faster and easier.

Apache MLM Leads supplies leads from Australia and the USA.

They also have an amazing MLM Leads Calling Service called We Call Your Leads.  This innovative and very affordable service does all the heavy lifting for you.  They call the leads and warm them up for you.  It makes calling leads so much easier and enjoyable.

If you’re interested in MLM Leads get over to Apache Leads

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